Blog postings that review albums or concerts are in the Reviews section. The items listed here are miscellaneous posts showing love for the Dolls. Some include lovely pictures of Brian and Amanda.

May 26, 2009

Dresdon Dolls | Work the Dreamy Rock Chick look—"If you want to work the “Dresden” look, then here is how to do it!"

Feburary 20, 2009

In Which Mr Gaiman reads, and Miss Palmer sings: The Neil and Amanda Show, at Chapters Bookshop—includes pics and youtube videos of the event

Feburary 18, 2009

The Los Angeles Times music blog: On Amanda Palmer's sunny, cheeky single about date rape and abortion—"'Oasis' is a direct challenge to the sentiment that pop songs, especially pop songs by women, must have default settings for how they treat their subject matter. And because pop music is so inherently formulaic, any inversion of that formula is going to be alarming."

Feburary 6, 2009 Amanda Palmer's banned 'Oasis' single and video: Date rape and abortion content off-limits on MTV?

Feburary 5, 2009 Amanda Palmer Fights for Her Right to Offend—"Her voice is not the most lovely of things, and her songs are right out there on the edge but she is phenomenally talented, working at a pitch few contemporary songwriters can match."

Feburary 4, 2009

BlackBook: Censors Block Amanda Palmer’s Cheerful Rapey Pop Song

December: The ReBELLYon Begins

First, some much-needed clarification, straight from Amanda's blog:
the rebellyon. the deal with roadrunner records.

The Crawling Ear: Ten inexcusable instances of rock n' roll bullshit in ‘08
Did Roadrunner Records dump Amanda Palmer Because of Her Belly Fat?
Amanda Palmer’s bulging belly video row
Amanda Palmer Is Not Fayat
Record label finds belly threatening, natural
Rebellyon - Amanda Palmer and Roadrunner Records
Amanda Palmer's Belly Gets Censored: Vive La Rebellyon
Who Screwed Over Amanda Palmer?
girl crush: amanda palmer and her beautiful belly
Anatomical Crush: Amanda Palmer's "Big" Belly
Amanda Palmer Too Gorgeous For Her Own Record Label
The Rebellyon
The Rebellyon Continues…
What's with the fucking mimes?—so far a Roadrunner rep. and Amanda have both chimed in on this thread about the ReBELLYon.
Slate: Sometimes It Pays To Be Called Fat
Female artist’s belly too fat for record label
Musician too "fat" for her record label
Impossibly Beautiful
Sing "Too Fat" For Her Label


Unlively Doll [scroll down]—"'it’s not like we are embarking on a lifetime journey of "bandom," which is how Brian and I always feel,' she told 'Ben and I didn’t have any power struggle. Our roles were very defined: He was my producer, this was the record we were making, this was his job, this was my job, and into the studio we went.'"
Who Killed Amanda Palmer
12/01/08: Best album of 2008? Amanda Palmer's "Who Killed Amanda Palmer?"


Most Disappointing Albums of 2008—"A lacklustre performance from a great performer."
11/27/08: Who Killed Amanda Palmer?—"This new CD does, however, raise the bar more than a bit for both Palmer and the Dresden Dolls now."
11/25/08: Yawn—"Cory and I went to see Amanda Palmer at the TLA in Philly on Saturday night. Mind-blowing, inspirational, and thoroughly entertaining, as always."
11/25/08: The Washington Post: Indie's Weird New Trend
11/25/08: Handmade Flick Books for PWT—"I'm making some limited edition handmade flip books for Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) and Post War Trade. "
RoadRunner Records — Shame On You
11/24/08: Amanda Palmer @ Webster Hall, NYC - pics
11/23/08:—" i love this lady so much and couldn't work for a cooler artist. seriously."
Amanda Palmer and The Danger Ensemble (Webster's Hall, NY)—"Here are some reasons why I think her new album Who Killed Amanda Palmer? Won’t sell or make lists."
11/17/08: Oh, Amanda Palmer …
11/13/08: On Seeing Amanda Palmer

October 2008

10/31/08: New Amanda Palmer Video for "Oasis" + Interview with Melissa Mahoney
10/24/08: Amanda On Q
10/23/08: Amanda Palmer: The Well-Rounded Radio Interview
10/22/08: Amanda Palmer, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”
10/22/08: The Dresden Dolls - 'Ballad Of A Teenage Queen'
"The Days Go On and On . . . They Don't End"
10/13/08: Amanda Palmer—"...I also had the incredible opportunity to hear, see and speak to Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls."
Planet Karen
Ch-ch-ch-change is a good thing
Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
The Dresden Dolls Scores
Bring Back Palmer Pits...
Too queer for words—scroll down to "The Women"

September 2008

The Dresden Dolls: Break Up & DVD Contest
Amanda Palmer Is A Gamer ["Guitar Hero"]
Cabaret Closed, Piano Bar Open
and then end of an era
Amanda Palmer: Runs in the Family
I fell in love with Amanda Palmer the first time I saw her.
Amanda Palmer's set cut short @ Sound Fix, NYC—with pictures!
If you could appreciate the talent and brains behind the Dresden Dolls but you couldn't get past their not-for-everyone stylistic quirks, then this is the album for you.
Last night I had the privilege to see a nice intimate (and free) performance at SoundFix...
Palmer should start a band with some hot girls. It would totally be, like, the best band ever!
I killed Amanda Palmer.
Put Pat Sajak Back in Office!
The Dresden Dolls
who killed amanda palmer
Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
The "Curiously Cool" Song of the Week
Who killed Amanda Palmer
Neil Gaiman, Songwriter?
Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
amanda palmer i love you
Sound Check: September 2008
Looking for my Amanda Palmer, I'll be your Brian Viglione.

Who killed amanda palmer
and The second time I killed amanda palmer
and I can’t stop killing Amanda Palmer

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Pre-order Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer - Credit where credit is due
I've decided to have an Amanda Palmer picspam
How to succeed in the music trying—a nice rant on Amanda's business sense and love-for/use-of the Internet
The Dresden Dolls, Steampunk, Octavine Illustration and an Apology—Check out the lovely artwork on these hand-screenprinted and hand-painted notecards inspired by Amanda!
Confessions of a Music Addict
Who wants to help Amanda Palmer?'s Track of the Day
Music Video Showcase: Amanda Palmer's "Strength Through Music"
And Then The Chunk Of Plaster Fell Where My Head Had Just Been

August 2008

Vermillion Lies and Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer @ The Troubadour 8/4/2008
Amanda Palmer...plays West Hollywood. Likes lipstick lesbians!
Anastrophe and Cheese
my fanboy head is exploding
What I Do
More about dresden dolls, rihanna and 'umbrella song'
What's black, white and red all over?
Take the money and run.
"Off her long-awaited debut album, "Oasis" is the immediate favourite..."
A request: Please help find a lost thing (or a replacement for it)
I wish I were Amanda Palmer
Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)
In which the narrator is extremely hyperactive or Who Killed Amanda Palmer anyway?

July 2008

Zoë Keating's blog: Fall Tour with Amanda Palmer
neil gaiman is a real hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is
Neil Gaiman's blog: Roof of All Evil
Hehe... I hugged Amanda Palmer... hehehe...
Dresden Dolls Sing "Satan Is Real"
Don't believe in anything you can't break. [scroll down a bit]
'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?' Tracklisting
New Amanda Palmer - Leeds United
Dresden Dolls Tshirt Print
An Amanda Palmer Fangirl Post

June 2008

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?: I photographed the new Amanda Palmer ... solo album cover...
Twin Piqued: Lynch's TV Legend Makes Musical Comeback
Amanda Palmer & The Boston Pops &! &! &...!
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! [a chance to see Brian and Amanda's crazy autographs]

April 2008

Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls, on “Melody vs. Meditation”
Glee and More Glee!
Guitar hero, now with more pink!
Foto Friday: The Dresden Dolls [TONS of photos here. All lovely and some, *ahem*, not safe for work.]
She's HOT, okay.

March 2008

I asked Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione to help memorialize my grandmother and I'd like to thank them for doing so.
Dresden Dolls
Clever musicians make my heart go sparklepop

November 21, 2007

The Dresden Dolls - The Roundhouse - Punk Rock Caberet

October 2007

Following up on San Antonio’s Dresden Dolls promotion

July 2007

The Dresden Doll Impact

June 2007

10 reasons why I love Amanda Palmer

April 9, 2007

YouTube Rodeo: The Killer Bridge In "Coin-Operated Boy."

January 17, 2007

Dresden Dolls Ain’t Making Much Cash

September 2006

The Dresden Dolls: Coin-Operated Boy

September 6, 2005

—Paradise DVD shoot day!

feed the dream/dresden dolls at the paradise

October 29, 2003